Volkan Demirel: I will compete with the community in which I was born

Volkan Demirel: I will compete with the community in which I was born


Volkan Demirel, expressing his excitement for the match they will play with Fenerbahçe, said: “I will be a rival for the second time against a community that made me become a volcano.”

Fatih Karagümrük’s technical director, Volkan Demirel, attended the opening of the restaurant, of which he is a partner, in the Bodrum district of Muğla.

Demirel answered questions from members of the press before the opening.

Expressing that he is excited about the game they will be playing with Fenerbahçe, Demirel wished the match went well for both parties, according to DHA News.

“I will compete with the community I grew up in for the second time”

Expressing that he is happy to be in charge of Fatih Karagümrük’s team, Demirel said: “We are excited for the weekend game, I will be competing for the second time against a community where I was born and raised to be Fenerbahce Volkan.

This time I will be a rival in my own home where I grew up. I hope it will be a good match for them and for us. I always say, I want to thank my dear president for giving me this opportunity.

I try to make this opportunity as good as possible. We have very good relations with our fellow players. We started to get results consistent with this relationship.

I hope we have goals in the next few days, maybe there are reasons beyond our control this year. Hopefully next season we will head to the places we are aiming for.

I am in a place that I love very much. I am also very happy to be here. We want to continue on our path in the years to come, maybe achieving long-term European Cup success or securing top 3 and top 4 goals in the Turkish League.” used the sentences.

“Bodrum is a very important place for me”

Demirel stressed that Bodrum is very important to him. “We have a very old relationship with Adnan Baboş. When he had a restaurant project, I wanted to participate. Bodrum is a very important place for me. It has great importance in my life.

When I came here, at the age of 7, I loved riding around in the classic old model jeeps of Bodrum. I came here knowing them. I got to know Bodrum by loving it and experiencing it.

That’s why I wanted to be part of the project with Baboş when such a project came out. A place we opened last year, we’ve made our place a little more useful this year. We will welcome our guests with the taste of a party for 3 days” he said.

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