(SUMMARY) Match result Kayserispor – Yeni Malatyaspor: 3-0

(SUMMARY) Match result Kayserispor - Yeni Malatyaspor: 3-0


The curtain for the 37th week of Super League has been opened in Kayseri. Kayserispor, who clinched the final ticket and boosted morale by knocking out champions Trabzonspor in the Turkish Cup semi-finals, hosted Yeni Malatyaspor, whose relegation was finalized weeks ago. Kayserispor beat Yeni Malatyaspor 3-0 and got 3 points.

With this result, the Malatya team lost for the 9th time in a row and remained at 20 points. Kayserispor, who won 4 league matches after a break, moved up to 47 points.

Kayserispor’s goals that brought victory, 10th and 45+4. Gökhan Sazdağı saved within minutes and Hayrullah Erkip in the 72nd minute.

minute of the game

10’| On a kick from Gokhan from the left diagonal of the penalty area, goalkeeper Ahmet bounced the ball, but the defender intervened at the last moment and sent the ball for a corner.

PURPOSE | In the 11th minute, Emrah used a corner from the right and Gökhan, who rose for the ball at the near post, was met with round leather nets in the header. 1-0

16’| Facing goalkeeper Lung with the ball thrown behind the defense in the second minute, Kerem couldn’t get the shot he wanted, so Lung brushed off the danger.

29’| Mustafa’s head shot, which rose in the penalty area, was delivered by Yasir from the left wing within a minute, and goalkeeper Ahmet struggled to take it from the corner.

PURPOSE | 45. Emrah fired the free kick won on the left wing in the second minute. Gokhan, who got up well on the ball that Emrah sent into the penalty area, sent the round leather into the net with a smooth header. 2-0

FIRST HALF RESULT | The first half of the game was played with the advantage of Kayserispor 2-0.

57’| Meeting the ball, Mane took the ball to Gökhan, who was available. Gokhan, who met the ball on the left diagonal of the penalty area, went trough the side with a small margin in place of the shot from the far post.

58’| Tetteh met the ball in front of the penalty area, and the leather turn went slightly past Tetteh’s hard-kick side.

PURPOSE | Kayserispor made it 3-0 thanks to Hayrullah Erkip’s goal in the 72nd minute. Yasir, who turned towards the penalty area from the right diagonal, took the ball towards the penalty spot. When meeting the ball, Hayrullah Erkip aired the nets.

78’| Burak, who met the ball after the free kick was used, struck hard from outside the penalty area, but the leather trick went slightly over the top.

88’| In the middle of Hayrullah’s right wing at the far post, Campanharo’s violent shot went in the back.

MATCH RESULT | The game ended with Kayserispor winning 3-0.

Kayserispor – Yeni Malatyaspor 11s:

Kayserispor: Cenk, Ramazan, Kolovetsios, Uğur, Yasir, Campanharo, İbrahim, Gökhan, Emrah, İlhan, Mustafa

New Malatyaspor: Ahmet, Awuku, Campi, Buğra, Barış, Tetteh, Hafez, Atakan, Hope, Miraç, Kerem

Status: Kadir has

Referees: Cihan Aydın xx, Mehmet Salih Mazlum xx, Furkan Product xx

Yukatel Kayserispor: Cenk xx, Ramazan xx (Arif min. 61 x), Kolovetsios xx, Uğur xx, Yasir x (Kemen min. 76 x), İbrahim xx (Abdulkadir min. 46 x), Campanharo x, Emrah xxx (Hayrullah min. 46 x ) ), Gökhan xxx, Mustafa x (Min. Mane 46 x), İlhan x

Replacements: Lung, Bilal, Emre Demir, Carole, Bertolacci

Technical director: Hikmet Karaman

New Malatyaspor: Ahmet x, Barış x, Awuku xx, Campi x, Hafez x, Rahman x (Berat Mert min. 84?), Atakan x (Erşan min. 84?), Mert xx (Emircan min. 84?), Umut x (Haqi min 74 x), Kerem xx (Burak min. 57 x), Tetteh x

Replacements: Murat, Abdulsamed, Yigit, Berat Yaman, Muhammed,

Technical director: Cihat Arslan

Goals: Gökhan (min. 11 and 45), Hayrullah (min. 72) (Kayserispor)

Yellow cards: Campanharo (Kayserispor), Atakan, Tetteh, Rahman (Yeni Malatyaspor)



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