Silent Hill back? Everything you need to know about the rumor

Silent Hill back?  Everything you need to know about the rumor


game news Silent Hill back? Everything you need to know about the rumor

We’ve been talking for years about an expected return of the Silent Hill franchise. After Hideo Kojima’s aborted project, speculation abounds about a new Konami production. If we haven’t had news for a long time, now a series of quite credible leaks are relaunching the machine.


  • New leaks and start again
  • a pact with the devil
  • A PS5 exclusive, not one but several titles in development?

New leaks and start again

We all wonder if Konami will release the beloved Silent Hill license from beyond the grave. Fans are getting impatient and demanding again and again a new work from Keiichiro Toyama’s brainchild. Except that at the moment, we don’t have anything very concrete to put in our mouths. The last “official” project dates back to 2015 with the PT demo, which ended with a Silent Hills trailer. The game, already abandoned, was going to be piloted by Hideo Kojima himself, before the divorce between the creator and Konami was pronounced. The sequel we know, Kojima Sensei created his studio and offered us the unique Death Stranding

Without questioning the quality of Hideo Kojima’s work, we are far from satisfying fans of psychological horror. About Silent Hills, the director Guillermo Del Toro had also expressed his disappointment at the total cancellation of this project. If Konami has kept the mystery for a long time, we know that the firm had recently registered its brand name without revealing more. Today, very recent leaks finally arrive to restore hope to those who are firmly waiting for a new work.

The Twitter user Dusk Golem shared some images of a project that would date from 2020. Dusk Golem has been the source of several more or less reliable leaks about Silent Hill and Resident Evil games for a few years now. While the veracity of his comments is doubtful, his tweet was recently removed for copyright infringement, and the speed of the reaction gives him more credibility.

If we cannot share these images, we can describe them. We could see tortured decorations in a dilapidated house, as well as a female character whose face is covered in cryptic messages. Another image shows a hallway plastered with sheets of paper. At the end of this corridor we find a character who wears a kind of cherry blossom on his head. This image is particularly interesting because it references comments made by Masahiro Itō, artistic director of the license.

If the creator maintained at the time that he did not want to use this idea for the license, it would seem that the leaks shared by Dusk Golem I would claim the opposite.

a pact with the devil

Another point that has been coming up for a while now and was brought up once again by Dusk Golem It’s relative to gameplay. At the time of the Kojima-led project, the player would have had to sign an agreement so that the game could contact them by email or phone in real life. This rumor had already been cited in 2019 by Alanah Pearce, a journalist who later became a screenwriter for Sony Santa Monica. A terrifying dimension never before exploited that would have had the merit of being truly innovative. This mechanic would seem to still be relevant.

A PS5 exclusive, not one but several titles in development?

We will also mention here another rumor that says that this game would be exclusive to Playstation. Apparently, the title would be developed by Bloober Team, which has just signed an exclusivity agreement with Sony. What’s more, remember that the studio signed a partnership with… Konami in 2021. Therefore, the Bloober Team would be in charge of this game, while several Silent Hill titles would be in development as part of this partnership.

The leaks follow one another, the stars align. Can we expect something concrete from this information? We will have to wait before having more information from the main stakeholders. It should also be remembered that the images shared by Dusk Golem date back to 2020. It should be noted, however, that the alleged project may not ultimately resemble what was leaked. If nothing comes of all this, we can always console ourselves with severed headKeiichiro Toyama’s new project.

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