RTX 3070 Ti: Return to a normal price for the famous Nvidia card!

RTX 3070 Ti : Retour à un prix normal pour la fameuse carte Nvidia !


news good plan RTX 3070 Ti: Return to a normal price for the famous Nvidia card!

We stopped believing it would happen! Still, graphics card prices are finally starting to come down. To celebrate, we offer you this Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti card signed by MSI, which struts at €769 on Rue du Commerce, an almost normal price.

The RTX 3070 Ti and MSI at a slightly more affordable price!

Surely you know that the shortage of components has had a strong impact on the technological environment and, in this batch, on graphics cards.

Buy the RTX 3070 Ti for €769 at Rue du Commerce

This caused prices to spike sharply, as the rare cards in circulation were especially sought after. So while not ideal, the current context still seems to have done them a bit of good.

We see a slight drop in the prices of Nvidia cards but also of AMD, and we sincerely hope that prices will remain in this dynamic.

Whatever happens, anyone who wants to build their PC can head to Rue du Commerce, which offers MSI’s RTX 3070 Ti at a slightly friendlier price of €769.

To play with Ray-Tracing there is the Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti card

The improved version of the RTX 3070, the Ti from Nvidia and MSI signed, pushes performance even further and will allow, among other things:

  • play in Full HD, QHD and even a bit in 4K
  • enjoy 120 frames per second
  • to be able to play the latest AAA games on PC without lag
  • take advantage of Ray-Tracing for even more realism

As we told you above, the RTX 3070 Ti is very good in Full HD (1080p), especially shines in QHD (1440p) and it is even capable of reaching 4K offering 60 fps in less greedy titles.

Anyway, the RTX 3070 Ti has 6144 CUDA cores, with a base frequency of 1575 MHz and capable of going up to 1770 MHz. You can also rely on its 8 GB of GDDR6X video memory.

add to that the possibility of using Ray-Tracing and you get a complete graphics card, capable of making you enjoy the latest games in a good resolution and above all at a slightly less indecent price.

So you can go to Rue Du Commerce to get MSI’s excellent RTX 3070 TI at €769.

Buy the RTX 3070 Ti for €769 at Rue du Commerce

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