Rennes-OM Alive: Rennes easily wins and knocks Marseillais out of second place

Rennes-OM Alive: Rennes easily wins and knocks Marseillais out of second place


It’s end! Rennes wins and knocks OM out of second place

The OM are no longer second at the end of this 37th day of the Ligue 1. Marseillais were completely helpless against the very enterprising Rennes, who are regaining hope in the Champions League race before the last day of the championship next week.

Martin Terrier is coming out

The male of this Rennes-OM Martin Terrier gives way to Lesley Ugochukwu.

five more minutes

In this meeting between Rennes and OM, there will be a five-minute overtime.

Break on Rennes’ side

Three Rennes players are out. Himari Traoré is getting up, Martin Terrier seems to be suffering as well as Lovro Majer. So far, three players remain on the lawn.

OM finally dangerous

A cross coming in on the right hand side left Boubacar Kamara alone in front of the goal after 80 minutes but his shot was woeful.

Let’s assign not far from the ability to score

In a tragedy overflow from Traore, Captain Rennes passes to Assignon, who narrowly misses the ball when he was alone a few feet from Mandanda.

New changes for Rennes

Bruno Genesio makes three changes. Laborde is replaced by Guirassy, ​​Jonas Martin replaces Flavien Taito and Meling comes into play instead of Truffert.

Benjamin Bourigeaud is leaving

Rennes’ first striker Benjamin Bourigeaud retreated to the huge applause of Roazhon Park. He will be replaced by Lorenz Asignon.

The second change for OM

Pape Gueye resigns as soon as he receives a yellow card. He will be replaced by the Spanish Pol Lirola.

Phenomenal salvation from Mandanda

What an exceptional intervention by Mandanda, which has performed well in Lovr Majer’s close-up attempt, which he has already seen gives a double.

Pape Gueye is warned

Benoit Bastien is forced to strike against Pape Guey, who strikes Bourigeaud more than to a limited extent.

Bamba Dieng misses him face to face

It was without a doubt Marseille’s greatest opportunity in this match. Bamba Dieng goes deep and tries to eliminate Gomis, but the goalkeeper Rennes hits the Senegalese feet flawlessly.

OM still didn’t score

It is rare to be stressed. OM still did not score a goal in this match after almost 70 minutes of play.

Laborde close to scoring an exceptional goal

Martin Terrier walks towards Gaëtan Laborde, who is attempting an acrobatic return. The former Montpellier striker just misses the ball.

Caleta-Car takes the yellow

The Croatian defender from Marseille sets out angrily and kicks a corner bar from the middle of Marseille. Benoit Bastien gave him a yellow card for this gesture.

Bamba Dieng is back

The first change for Jorge Sampaoli and OM. Senegalese striker Bamba Dieng replaces Duje Caleta-Car in a decisive position.

OM moved to third place

With this failure, OM fell to third place in favor of Monaco, which at the same time led against Brest. The Marseilles have the last 30 minutes to be masters of their own destiny.

The time of the game is approaching

As the hour of play approaches at this meeting, the Rennais still score, and the overly timid Marseillais don’t worry about attacks.

Martin Terrier makes a great game

Martin Terrier is without a doubt the best player from the beginning of the match. Apart from two assists, the former Strasbourg player is ubiquitous and very fair in his election.

The center of Ünder is missing

Cengiz Ünder is trying to find Gerson at the far post, but the Turkish center is too far and goes outside the goal.

OM is a little better

Since returning from the locker room, OM seems better than in the first period. The Olympians no longer have the ball, but the Rennais also let go of their opponents.

It’s here again!

22 actors returned to the lawn in Roazhon Park. The Marseillais leadership must return to the score in a complicated match for them.

End of the first period!

Benoit Bastien ends this first act of this Rennes-OM. The Bretons give the Marseillais football lesson for the moment and lead 2: 0.

Bamba Dieng left for warm-up

Jorge Sampaoli was able to make changes very quickly in this encounter. Senegalese striker Bamba Dieng has already warmed up.

Bourigeaud is missing two

This action was strangely similar to the one that led to Rennes’ first goal, but this time Bourigeaud lacked precision in the last gesture. Then a position outside the game was signaled.

Great atmosphere in Roazhon Park

This second goal inevitably stirred up the crowds in Roazhon Park even more. The atmosphere in Brittany is grandiose.

Majer doubled the lead for Rennes

Rennes takes a break! Martin Terrier is still in the lead and offers a goal to Lovro Majer. OM is impressed!

What an opportunity for Rennes

Benjamin Bourigeaud took advantage of the chance after Luan Peres made a mistake in the Marseille area, but his shot flirted with Mandanda’s pole after being repelled by Caleta-Car.

The smoke bombs are gone

The smoke gradually takes place in the stadium after lighting several smoke bombs in the stands of Roazhon Park.

Tait is warned

Flavien Tait won’t miss it this time. Rennes and midfielder will play Pape Guey and Benoit Bastien gives him a yellow card. Jorge Sampaoli also gets him for too many repeated challenges.

Gerson is too short

Great chance for OM and Gerson. Mattéo Guendouzi cruises on a more distant pole in Brazil. He throws himself and tries to get the ball back, but he is missing a few centimeters to score.

Last warning for Taita

After Flavien Taito’s foul foul on Kamar, Benoit Bastien told midfielder Rennes that he would intervene in the next foul.

Gerson misses the head

The Brazilian midfielder is screened for the Rennes area and gets a center from Under. But Gerson’s head misses Alfred Gomis’s goal.

Rennes plays very well

Rennais can play more than a nice game and they dominate this meeting at the moment, even after the dominance they gained less than ten minutes ago.

Ronnier can’t recover well

Great opportunity for Valentina Rongier, who finds himself in the penalty area Rennes, but lacks the accuracy to get the ball into the depths that Harit has given him.

The terrier attack ends in Mandanda’s gloves

The opener has not yet fully awakened the Olympians, who suffered a hit from Martin Terrier after the goal was scored. Steve Mandanda is alert and lies on the ball.

Benjamin Bourigeaud overturns Roazhon Park

Rennes opened the score with a perfectly executed fast action by Martin Terrier launched in depth. The former Lyonnais then finds Bourigeaud in a remote place, who deceives Mandanda with a flat foot.

Rennes is not using a good counterattack

The Rennais may have been dangerous for the first time in this match, but Flavien Tait failed to improve Martin Terrier’s recovery.

Sampaoli is very nervous

At the edge of the field, Jorge Sampaoli is already very tense and regularly attacks the fourth referee, who asks him to calm down.

Omari gets up

The warmth of Omari was getting off the ground after a good minute and looks like he is complaining about his shoulder.

Omari remains on the ground

After a tough fight with Amine Harit, the young defender Rennes Omari remains on the ground and asks for the intervention of the nurses.

Already a large laundry in Rennes

The first minute and the first lessons with great pressure Rennes. The Bretons play high and put a lot of pressure on Marseillais.

Let’s go to Roazhon Park

The kick-off of this shock on the 37th day of Ligue 1 is given! OM is heading to Rennes for a match with European tastes. The Olympians can qualify for the next Champions League this Saturday night.

The hostility begins in fifteen minutes

Tension and atmosphere are rising in Roazhon Park. The kick-off of this eminently important match on the 37th day of Ligue 1 will be in fifteen minutes.

Marseille can equal the 2009 record

If OM wins this evening in Brittany, the Olympians will equal the record for points earned away from home in the season, which dates from the financial year 2008/2009.

Will Rennes continue at his own pace?

Bruno Genesia’s players have been impressive in efficiency in several home games and have scored at least two in each of the last eight receptions.

Point in the table

Before this huge shock, a quick look at the order is needed to fully understand the stakes of this meeting. OM, 2nd, has three points ahead of the third Monaco and six points ahead of the 5th Rennes. The Olympians were thus able to officially qualify for the next Champions League tonight.

Composition Rennes

Gomis – Traoré, Omari, Aguerd, Truffert – Santamaria, Tait, Majer – Bourigeaud, Laborde, Terrier

OM composition without Milik and Dieng

Mandanda (caps) – Rongier, Saliba, Caleta-Car, Luan Peres – Kamara, Guendouzi, Gueye – Under, Harit, Gerson.

Good night everyone

Good evening everyone and welcome to the RMC Sport website, where you can watch this clash on the 37th day of Ligue 1 between Rennes and OM live. This poster counts a lot for qualifying for the next group stage of the Champions League.


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