NASA released the photo: Gate to Mars shocked!

NASA released the photo: Gate to Mars shocked!


NASA released the photo: Gate to Mars shocked!

As long as people looked at the sky, we saw things that weren’t really there: sometimes images in constellations, sometimes a face on the Moon, sometimes a “mystery hut” spotted by Chinese scientists that turned out to be later be a rock.

NASA maintains silence

The photo, which became the most discussed topic on social media as soon as it was posted, was taken by one of Curiosity’s cameras on May 7. The photo released by NASA and taken on Mars appears to show a door carved into the rock. NASA has yet to make a statement on the photo, but the image set the agenda.


The grainy image captured by Curiosity last week clearly shows a rectangular void in the surface of the rock. As such, inevitably everyone spawned conspiracy theories citing the door-like image as evidence of alien life on the Red Planet.


If you look closely, the simple explanation for the “gate” on Mars is actually contained in the photo, the scientists said. Professor Sanjeev Gupta, from Imperial College London, told The Daily Telegraph there is evidence the rectangular cavity, which looks like a doorway, was formed by “normal geological processes”.


Inside the “gate” is a deep fissure or crack, indicating a hollow in the rock: something that happened on both Mars and Earth and could have happened at any time in the world. over the past hundreds of millions of years.

Professor Gupta, who works with NASA on the Curiosity mission, said: “Cracks are plentiful on Mars and on Earth, they don’t need earthquake-like oscillations to produce them.” Professor Gupta continued: “There is nothing strange in the image, it is just normal geological processes.”


According to experts, perspective also comes into play when the image looks so similar to the door. NASA says the crack looks like a solid door because the image is extremely magnified. Speaking to Snopes, a website that confirms the truth of the news, the official said the door-like space was actually a small crack in a rock. Referring to statements by the team’s scientists, the official pointed out that the door-like crack is actually very small, measuring about 30 centimeters by 45 centimeters.


According to the scientists, “there are line fractures throughout this rock, and this is where several line fractures intersect.”

The good news is that Curiosity is continuing its search for life on Mars. Or at least to look for signs that life existed there.

According to news from Milliyet, the rover sent to Mars by NASA landed in the Jezero crater with the Mars helicopter Ingenuity on February 18 last year. Curiosity collects samples and returns images.

It will take at least another two years to fully explore the area.



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