Mercato OM: Bennani throws a bomb at Saliby’s future! Did Longoria find a solution?

Mercato OM: Bennani throws a bomb at Saliby's future!  Did Longoria find a solution?


While Marseille fans wholeheartedly hope that William Saliba will stay at OM next season, journalist Karim Bennani explains that Pablo Longoria is negotiating with Arsenal.

Olympique de Marseille found high-quality reinforcement in William Salib. The middle defender has impressed since the start of the season, but is only on loan, with no option, from Arsenal. In the hope that he would keep it, Pablo Longoria would, according to Karim Bennani, negotiate with Gunners on a second loan with a mandatory OA of over 30 million euros.

“Marseille, as we speak today, does not have the resources to put 30 million euros in Salib. The ideal for OM, and I think this is currently the case, would be to negotiate the option of a mandatory purchase of over EUR 30 million, but at the end of next season. The second loan for the second year. This is the situation that is currently being studied at OM. I know Longoria talks a lot about this with Arsenal. » Karim Bennani – Source: La Chaîne L’Equipe (13/05/22)

We still don’t know what Arsenal wants to do with William-Salib’s agent

Saliba is one of the most players in Europe this season, the Olympic defender has played 51 matches in all competitions, a figure that says a lot about his importance in OM and why the club wants to keep him at all costs. So stay, go? Djibril Niang, William Saliba’s agent, remained evasive about his player’s future.

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“William Saliba’s agent, Djibril Niang, told me: ‘We still don’t know what Arsenal wants to do with William. I think we will discuss this very soon. Arsenal will decide their future in the coming weeks. There are a lot of factors at stake and nothing has been decided yet. I don’t know why this is such a surprise for some people, obviously the player and the club will want to sit down and discuss all the options (stay / rent / sell), etc. The player will want a guarantee of playing time, how can he decide something without (…) It depends on many things: another loan? Does he want to stay when Arteta can’t guarantee him a certain number of games? There’s a lot he has to decide – they can’t do it until they sit down and talk about everything for a long time. Personally, I would like him to stay of course… ” Freddie Paxton, Arsenal journalist – Source: Twitter (April 27, 2022)


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