Instagram’s new ‘pocket-burning’ feature: launched in Turkey

Instagram's new 'pocket-burning' feature: launched in Turkey


Instagram, one of the most popular social media applications in the world, opened its subscription system in January. A limited number of users could access the feature, which was offered at prices ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 in the United States. The social media giant has now introduced subscriptions in Turkey and announced their prices in TL.

According to news from ShiftDelete; Onlyfans’ subscription-based content system has inspired other social media platforms. Last year, Twitter launched donation-based Super Follow across the world, including Turkey. This system, which creates a new revenue model for content producers, has finally arrived on the Instagram app.


Instagram has made a change to its App Store page in Turkey. In the In-App Purchases section ‘Instagram Followers 77’ and ‘Instagram Followers 194’ It lists several in-app purchase options, such as: 77 and 194 here do not represent subscription prices.

Picture: ShiftDelete

Although the “meaning” of the numbers is not known, the subscription prices determined for Instagram Turkey are as follows:

  • Instagram 72 subscriptions (1 month): 60.99 TL
  • Instagram 77 Followers (1 month): 60.99 TL
  • 194 Instagram Followers (1 month): 84.99 TL
  • Instagram Followers 191 (1 month): 84.99 TL

Although there are currently two prices, creators will be able to offer subscriptions to their subscribers for any amount within these price ranges. For example, in some Turkish accounts where the system is active, you can see that the subscription fee is 66.99 TL. The social media company gives the initiative to the content producer at this point.

You can start following by clicking Follow next to or below/above the Follow button on a profile. If the button is not visible, it means that he has not yet activated the feature in his account.


The purpose of said feature; to allow content producers to make money from the audience they speak directly to.

When you register for an account, you will have access to these privileges:

  • Subscriber Badge: When you message the account you follow and comment on their posts, a special badge appears next to your username.
  • Subscriber-Only Story and Live Stream: You will be able to see stories and live streams shared by the account only to its followers.

Currently, you can earn money by selling products, advertising, and referral deals on Instagram. However, through the subscription feature, subscribers can directly help the content producer earn income.

During this time, until 2023, Meta will not take any commissions from the income and will transfer 100% to the account holder.


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