Girondin almost in Ligue 2, Breton save heads in L1

Girondin almost in Ligue 2, Breton save heads in L1


The Girondins now have one foot and four toes in Ligue 2 after their new home draw against Lorient (0-0). A good last in the championship, with the last day of the playoffs losing three points with a very very unfavorable goal difference. With this result, Lorient saves his place in L1.

Girondins almost in Ligue 2

It’s not official yet, because the goal difference (especially thirteen goals for the playoffs, Metz), which keeps little hope, but without taking too many risks, the Girondins are in Ligue 2 after this new draw at home against Lorient. It has been 31 years since the club experienced a descent to the lower floors and it was still an administrative descent at the time. The last sport dates back to 1960. It is a page in the history of the Girondins de Bordeaux that is turning. For the record, David Guion’s players would have to win six goals in Brest on the last day and Metz would have to lose seven in Paris. All this in the hope that Saint-Etienne will also worship Nantes widely. In other words, an unlikely scenario.

An evening full of incidents

As expected, this last match was interrupted by several raids. It started as soon as a bus of players arrived with a number of ultramarines who tried to catch him. Many CRS tear gas was needed to disperse Bordeaux supporters. Then the meeting was interrupted for the first time in the 25th minute of the game with a toss of toilet paper accompanied by several banners: “You are a disgrace to our 140-year history”, “Players, staff, management: everyone guilty! », 89 goals scored, you suck» or even «Gérard Lopez, from the promise of the top 10 to hell! “.

Lorient saves her skin

This match in Bordeaux will not be recorded in the history of the Bretons, but regardless, they have officially gained their retention in Ligue 1 against the Girondins. With four points in front of the red zone one day after the end of the season, the playoffs can no longer connect them. Apart from Ouattara’s intervention, the Lorientais didn’t do much, but it was enough against pale Bordeaux. They have saved their skin again in recent days after a very complicated season with only eight wins, eleven draws and eighteen defeats.


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