Consumption. Gas tariff: an association advises not to listen to the state

Consumption.  Gas tariff: an association advises not to listen to the state


In short, this means: do not listen to the councils of the state! Coming from a consumer association, this is surprising. The Consumption Housing Living Environment (CLCV) association indicates from the home page of its website that “encouraging consumers to abandon regulated gas prices is a bad idea for the state …”

The services of the Ministries of Economy and Ecological Transition must send, as of this Monday, to the people affected by these tariffs (or about 2.8 million families in France), a letter encouraging them to withdraw from the contract and switch to ” market offer “contracts. At the end of 2017, the Council of State had in fact resolved that the regulated gas sales tariffs (TRV) were contrary to Community law and that France had to enter fully into the energy market offers. From November 2019 and from the Energy-Climate law it is no longer possible to subscribe to a TRV. Those who benefit from it have until June 2023 to change it and subscribe to another gas supplier.

“A very unwelcome communication”

What the consumer defense association criticizes this letter from the state, therefore, is not so much the application of the law, as it has chosen a very bad time to do it. “We believe that this communication is very unwelcome in a context in which the energy markets are disturbed to say the least and in which a very problematic contractual instability has arisen on market offers”, states the CLCV, in its press release.

The war in Ukraine, the growing threats to stop supplying Europe with hydrocarbons from the Kremlin and finally the supply difficulties linked to maritime transport still affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis are not conducive to offering consumers prices for stable and cheap energy. “In the current energy chaos, the regulated tariff is the only one that is certainly linked to the tariff shield * and therefore offers unrivaled competitiveness and safety for the next few months”, continues the CLCV statement.

The consumer advocacy association takes the opportunity to ask for a “big debate on the planned end of the TRV … [sans lui, l’association] he does not understand how the state can do to maintain the energy shield, as the re-elected president promised to do, during the debate between the two rounds … “

* Without the price shield, regulated gas and electricity prices would have risen by 44.5%, according to the Energy Regulatory Commission.


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